Where to Take Your Jeep in Virginia Before the End of Fall

The winter is not here yet, and with the fall season comes beautiful views your whole family can enjoy. According to Wards Intelligence, the number of vehicles at or in transit to dealerships was down 26% in February 2021 compared to the same month in 2020. This means you likely got the used Jeep of your dreams! Here are a few places your family should visit before the end of the fall season in your versatile Jeep.

A Hiking Trail

Bundle up your family and hop in your Jeep for a fun-filled hiking adventure. Jeeps are comfortable and durable vehicles that can expertly get through muddy areas, which is often what back road trails look like during fall.

Before heading to a beautiful hiking trail in Virginia on a Saturday or Sunday morning, make sure you pack your Jeep with a few essentials: water bottles, granola bars, blankets, flashlights, and a first aid kit. This way, your family will be prepared for a fun hike and have a snack to enjoy on the car ride home.

A State Park

If your family recently bought a Jeep from a used car dealer and would like to enjoy the features of the new-to-you vehicle, a scenic drive through a Virginia state park is an excellent idea. Not only will your family remain nice and warm in the Jeep, but everyone can enjoy a snack and engage in conversation as you look at the falling leaves and waterfalls outside.

A Christmas Tree Farm

The holidays are coming up, and for those who get a Christmas tree for their home, you can utilize your Jeep to pick one up before it gets cooler outside. Head to a local Christmas tree farm in your area of Virginia to choose the best one for your home. Then, mount it to your vehicle so it can safely be transported home. The dealership you purchased from will be happy to hear your family is getting the best use of your used vehicle!

A Colorful Car Wash

Before it gets too cold out, take your Jeep to a car wash. After buying from a used car dealer, a fresh and clean vehicle can make the experience of buying from a Jeep dealer all the more special! Car washes are especially fun for kids, as the car is pushed through the colorful washing steps. You can keep the Jeep toasty and comfortable as you take your new car for a spin through the wash before the winter season begins. It’ll also help get dirt and grime off the vehicle after taking it to a hiking trail and a Christmas tree farm!

After purchasing from a used car dealer, it’s time to get the most out of your new vehicle. Take your used Jeep for a spin, and be sure to check out the spots outlined above wherever you live in Virginia with your family this fall and holiday season. For more information on shopping for a used car in Virginia, contact Fair Oaks Motors today.

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