The Best Jobs for Dog Lovers

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If you have a passion for pets, you may have considered making a career out of caring for animals. Some people become veterinarians, but that job isn?t for everyone. If you have a love for dogs or cats, check out these other pet-centered career options.

  1. Pet Store Associate or Owner
    Working in a pet store allows you to help others with their animals and get them everything they need for proper care. Your passion will shine through as you show your customers how much it means to you that their pets get the best food, toys and beds. You?ll still get to interact with pets; many people bring their animals into a store to help them shop. You can enjoy seeing the delight on a customer?s face when both the pet and the person leave happy.
    If you?ve got good business sense, you may want to start your own pet shop. If you?re truly dedicated to giving pets the best, you can plan your business model around all organic food, all raw food, or whatever you?d like.
  2. Dog Grooming
    Becoming a groomer is a fun way to care for pets while acting as a stylist. You get to help pets look their best and spend a lot of time up close and personal with the dogs you?re grooming. If you build a good client base of repeat customers, it?ll be like their pets are yours as well. You?ll get to know your clients and their dogs on a personal level and create lasting friendships in the process.
    A little known tip for aspiring groomers: invest in dog grooming insurance. Animals are unpredictable and you can be dealing with sharp tools. Many people treat their animals like babies, and if anything happens to their baby, you?ll want to be insured for any liabilities due to harm or injury.
  3. Dog Walking
  4. If you love the great outdoors as much as you love dogs, consider starting a dog walking business. You get to spend time with animals while giving them, and yourself, some much needed exercise. Becoming a dog walker is a great option if you have other jobs or obligations. By starting your own business, you can be flexible with your dog walking hours and can work it around your schedule.
    As with grooming, it’s a good idea to get dog walking insurance to protect the animals and yourself. Especially if the dog is a lot stronger than you, you can get pulled down or injured if the dog unexpectedly bolts. If there is a danger of harm to yourself or others, consider getting insured no matter what the job is.

You can find several different jobs that work closely with animals. All you have to do is find one you know you’ll love while spending time with your favorite furry friends. Follow your dreams and turn your passion for animals into a career!

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