Protect Your Restaurant! 3 Scenarios Where You’ll Wish You Had Insurance

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Running a restaurant is a difficult task. Several components go into day to day management tasks that keep the restaurant running smoothly. Although you do your best to run a tight ship, accidents may occur. You’ll want to be protected with restaurant insurance if anything goes wrong. Here are three incidences that may happen where you’ll wish you had restaurant insurance!

  1. Kitchen Fire
    In a restaurant, fires are much more common than in any other business. Cooks are working with open flames and several other appliances that could catch fire and cause irreparable damage. You?ll need restaurant insurance to protect your employees and your equipment if a fire breaks out. If the fire is bad enough, it could even result in a total loss of the business and all of its physical assets. Investing in insurance for restaurants will ensure you?re covered and can receive some sort of compensation if a fire does occur.
  2. Employee Injury
    Aside from becoming injured by a fire, there are many scenarios in which an employee could be badly hurt. Slips, trips and falls are incredibly common. Think of how quickly things move in a restaurant: the cooks behind the scenes are working to fill multiple orders and servers are constantly running in and out to expedite the meals. Accidents happen, and one false move could result in a serious injury from a slip and fall. Restaurant insurance will cover your employees if their injuries cause them to seek medical attention or miss work. If an employee is hurt on the job, insurance will not only help them but protect you from any liabilities.
  3. Customer Injury or Sickness
    Although you do your best to serve your customers the highest quality food and provide the most excellent service, illness or injury can occur for the patrons of your restaurant. If food is handled improperly and causes illness, you may be liable if the customer chooses to take action. Say you live in a snowy area: if a customer slips on ice on restaurant property, you may be picking up some legal slack. Restaurant liability insurance will protect all involved if something unexpected does occur.

Protect what’s important to you. Contact your local insurance agent today for restaurant insurance quotes.

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