How Dog Walking Insurance Could Save a Business

Dog grooming insurance

When starting any business, there are always plenty of risks to consider. Sometimes it may be paying your rent or taxes on time, others it might be keeping shelves stocked. However, in some cases, unforeseen circumstances can end up causing irreparable damage.

In order to allow companies some protection from unusual or unavoidable problems, insurance can offer the ability to have coverage over factors that would otherwise cost the business substantial amounts of money, by paying smaller, monthly fees instead. Considering there are endless different types of business and organizations that require some form of protection, there are numerous versions of insurance packages to cover a multitude of circumstances.

While some companies use insurance as a protective measure against broken machinery or theft, others must have it to cover more personal and safety threats. Pet services, for example, not only must ensure the safety of a client’s pet, but may also be putting employee’s at risk when dealing with potentially dangerous animals.

An estimated 63% of households in the United States own at least one pet. The majority of these pets, require some sort of regular care or maintenance, usually performed by professionals. Dogs in particular require a lot of attention, between veterinary diagnostics, dog grooming, and dog sitting. With the United States being the most popular country for the residence of dogs, amounting to about 403,760 registered, there are plenty of animals who are in need of professional pet services.

While most pet businesses will also have standard packages such as liability and cyber insurance coverage, many will also need more specified plans. Dog walking insurance may not sound like a worrisome problem, but when dogs are outdoors, there is a lot of room for error.

If a dog gets a hold of and damages someone else’s property while being walked by a professional service, the owner of the property could choose to take legal action against the walker for negligence. Dog walking insurance can also help in cases where injuries are involved. If the dog ends up getting hurt during an accident, the pet’s owner could be the one taking the legal action. And same goes for the dog walker; if the pet causes bodily harm to the professional, they could avoid needing to take legal action by using insurance.

It’s always good to be prepared for accidents, no matter how unlikely they may seem. Be it dog walking insurance or liability coverage, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

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