Are You Looking for Long Term Care Insurance?

Long term care insurance

We all know that the system for healthcare insurance in our country is changing, but do you feel that you are knowledgable and up to date on how these changes will be affecting you? Currently, two in five Americans under 65 have employer-based health insurance coverage. As of Jan. 1, 2016, however, companies with 50 or more employees will be required to provide health insurance to 95% of their workers. Many believe that this new requirement should mean an increase in the number of Americans who are currently covered by healthcare insurance.
If you are an employee who is soon going to start receiving coverage, have you decided how you will take advantage if this new opportunity? IF you are fortunate enough to see an increase in your employers contribution to your healthcare premiums then maybe you should look to see what other kinds of coverage you might want to provide yourself and your family.
Long term care insurance might be something you would like to investigate. Even though many families have life and health insurance, a smaller number of people have actually taken the time to purchase long term care insurance. This type of coverage can allow you to pay now for insurance coverage that will assist both you and your family in the event that long term care is needed some day.
If you have spend your life working hard and saving for your future, doesn’t it make sense to also spend some of your time and some of your money on providing for the long term care that might become a part of your future. Rather than see family members struggle to meet the costs of your long term care, doesn’t it make sense for you to plan for this costly part of your life?
A health insurance advisor can help you determine just exactly what kind of long term care insurance you may need. Just as you visit with an insurance agent for your health, home and automobile needs, an individual health insurance advisor can make you aware of your long term care insurance needs.
Studies show that while 85% of consumers agree that most people need life insurance, just 62% say they have this coverage that so many people see as necessary. In the case of long term care insurance, it is likely that an even higher percentage of people might think that long term care insurance is needed, but do not have it. Start now. Rather than burden your family with unnecessary financial stress later, contact a health insurance broker or agency and see what your options are.

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