Will Auto Insurance Cover Trailer Spindle Repairs?

So you own a trailer and you have an insurance policy. Do you think the auto insurance company will cover a trailer spindle?

There are many trailer types such as the pop-up trailer, 5th wheel trailer, horse trailer, or utility trailer. However, do you know which can or needs to be added to your insurance?

The truth is, a trailer spindle is not needed to add liability insurance to the trailer.

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One of the exceptions is that if the trailer is motorized, you just need to add liability insurance.

For the most part, the liability coverage will follow and transfer to the trailer itself. However, if you have the choice to add liability to the trailer policy, then you better get it. It’s inexpensive, and the more coverage you have, the better.

These are the coverages that can be purchased on a trailer. These will give coverage if something happens to the trailer physically. There is also a claim if it’s damaged, stolen, or vandalized.

1. Physical Damage Coverage

2. Comprehensive or Collision Coverage

Whatever happens, the most important thing to do is to contact your agent and discuss with them if you are covered. Because every insurance policy is different, speaking with your agent is a great help in figuring out your coverage.


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