Think Locally for Your Health Insurance

Health insurance is a contract between an individual and the insurance company, where the individual pays the insurer a premium per annum. In return, the insurer pays for medical costs incurred by the individual as per an agreed plan.

Affordable health insurance packages are often out of reach for many individuals. Whilst governments do have systems in place for the public to have access to affordable health insurance plans for individuals, the private sector provides better packages, with fewer delays in paying for the costs incurred.

Most insurers’ websites will have an affordability calculator for health insurance, so the individual can shop around and choose the most suitable option. Insurers also provide the option for group health insurance quotes, where family members or members of an organization are covered at a reduced premium.

Affordable personal health insurance is a necessity, as it fully or partly provides for unbudgeted medical costs. Such costs include surgery, doctors’ visits, prescribed medication, laboratory tests, and other related expenses.
The plan can help save your life and prevent you and your family from going bankrupt.

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When we buy a car, we have to carry auto insurance to make sure we’re covered in the event of an accident. We perform a “check-up” on our car insurance to make sure that our rates are decent and we have the coverage our vehicles require. When we buy a home, we purchase home owners insurance to protect us in times of natural disaster or other catastrophes, and we even make sure to get our home owner insurance checked at least once a year to make sure our assets are covered. And if we own a business, too, no matter if it’s an office, retail establishment, or restaurant, we make sure that our livelihood is covered through business insurance.

We take care of our cars, our homes, and our businesses through insurance companies. So shouldn’t it be the same for our personal health?

Health insurance is a necessity in the United States, and in many cases it’s not just good protection: it saves lives. Obtaining health insurance through a private insurer is an excellent step in protecting yourself and your family and preparing for a variety of life events, from birth to death and everything in between.

But health insurance can be scary to purchase. In the United States, especially, we’re paying more for health care than most of the developed world, and our premiums have grown three times faster than our wages in the past ten years. We’re paying more for prescription drugs in the U.S. than in most other countries, sometimes by as much as 50% more! And let’s not forget that without insurance, or with insurance that doesn’t offer the right amount of benefits, you can put yourself and your family at risk of bankruptcy. Over 60% of personal bankruptcies in America are linked to medical bills.

Thanks to government measures such as the Affordable Care Act, health insurance and medical professionals can provide additional, sometimes life-saving, procedures for more patients than ever. Although government health initiatives such as Medicare are in place for millions of Americans, these systems are sometimes stretched too thin with the millions of patients that depend on them. This forces patients to wait for medical care and put off essential treatments and services because of bureaucracy.

An estimated 61% of Americans receive health insurance from private insurers. By using private health insurance companies, Americans have direct access to their insurance services when they need them. Although there are larger companies out there that will sell you health insurance, there are also plenty of small businesses in America that will offer you excellent coverage without getting you lost in the corporate shuffle.

Whether you’ve had a life event recently such as a marriage or birth, or if you just changed jobs and need new coverage, be sure to look into health insurance from a small, private insurer. You’re a person with individual needs, not a number on the customer service hotline, and for that you need personalized health insurance. Get that personalized service by finding a local health insurer in your area today. Find out more here.

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