If You Run a Small Business in Canada, You May Consider Supplemental Healthcare for Employees

Employee benefit systems

Of all the businesses in the country of Canada, 98% of them are small in size, retaining anywhere from two to 100 workers. And though the country does have a government-administered healthcare system, approximately 30% of health costs are covered by private outlets through payments that are made “out-of-pocket” and insurance.

With this in mind about three quarters of Canadian citizens maintain health insurance coverage in addition to the universal healthcare plan, which in many cases is distributed through their places of employment. If you are a business owner, you may want to consider various small business health plans in order to get the best benefits for employees as possible.

Supplemental health insurance
plans must adhere to certain regulations and protocols as per the national health care plan in order to get payments through the transfer system, according to the Canada Health Act of 1984. Dental procedures, as well as psychotherapy and other surgeries and procedures are all incorporated in Canadian health insurance coverage.

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