Holistic Health and Wellness for Seniors

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Health and wellness are important at every stage of life, but especially for seniors. This is a good time to evaluate overall health and lifestyle and to make any changes necessary. They don’t have to be major changes: just adding a small exercise routine to the daily schedule, or making time for an art class or wine tasting once a week, can keep seniors healthy and engaged. The turn towards holistic health, with the correlation of mind, body and spirt for overall wellness, is especially important for seniors. For essential healthcare needs, a Medicare insurance company can be a good partner, covering everything from Medicare supplement policy to life insurance claims.

Healthy living for seniors
The Boomers are the largest demographic cohort in the U.S., and they are aging rapidly. Seniors over the age of 65 years will number around 89 million by 2050, according to the 2013 The State of Aging and Health in America report. This will be double the number of older adults in 2010. The report also looks at one of the essential concerns for this group, healthcare costs. Most medical needs for seniors are met through Medicare. Additional costs can be paid through insurance purchased from a company that covers everything from supplemental coverage to life insurance claims.
The majority of seniors suffer from chronic conditions like diabetes and heart disease. As much as 95% of all healthcare costs for older adults go towards the treatment of chronic conditions. For the population as a whole, treatment for chronic conditions accounts for two-thirds of total healthcare costs. Chronic conditions are by definition those diseases for which there is no simple cure. A healthy lifestyle goes a long way towards managing conditions like diabetes and heart disease. Holistic medicine, with the emphasis on integrating mind, body and spirit, can be an important part of this lifestyle.

Holistic wellness integrates mind, body and spirit
Especially for seniors, the basic concepts of holistic medicine and wellness can be guideposts to better health. The focus is not so much on medicine and dosage as lifestyle changes that promote a healthier body. These can be small changes, added incrementally. Physical exercise, mental stimulation and social connections can all contribute to a better aging process.
Physical exercise can take the form of a tai chi session, walking or a fitness class. A combination of stretches and gentle aerobic exercise can keep your body functioning well. It can be equally important to challenge your mind, learning new skills. This makes the brain more adaptable and improves memory. Social connections are important for a healthy emotional life. Volunteering with a group that shares similar goals can be a good way to make such connections. Joining a book club or even starting your own at the local coffee shop or bookstore can add both creativity and focus to your life.

Essential health benefits with Medicare
While preventative health care is the best kind of health care, at all ages, there are certain health-related costs that are necessary. Health insurance is another essential concern for seniors. Most meet their health care expenses through Medicare, a government-run health insurance program for people over 65 years of age.
Medicare provides health insurance to the vast majority of seniors, but it does not cover all costs. Most people need to purchase additional supplemental coverage. When choosing a medical insurance provider, it can be a good idea to choose a company that covers all insurance needs, from life insurance claims to Medicare supplement insurance. As with many insurance policies, bundling together policies can give you a better deal.

Holistic health and wellness are important at any age, but especially for older adults. To help pay necessary medical costs, most seniors rely on Medicare. For costs not covered by Medicare, an insurance company that can handle everything from life insurance claims to supplemental insurance can provide support for a healthy lifestyle.

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