Green Refrigetation Truck Sales Increase in Canada

Refrigerated trailer

One of the first companies to introduce a mechanically refrigerated hauler was Baird, in 1929. Since then, the use of refrigerated trailers and trucks has continued to increase nationwide, and the use of refrigerator trucks, refrigerator cars, reefer ships, reefer containers, and refrigerated warehouses has become common in cold chain supply chains.

Though many pre 1966 trailers still utilize Freon as coolant, numerous reefer owners have converted their units to an environmentally friendly coolant known as R134a. Other efforts at greener transportation include the development of lighter, stronger trailers, which are able to haul heavier payloads as a result of the decreased hauler weight. More and more companies are utilizing reefer trailers, and refrigerated trailers for sale have increased in the last year.

Trailer rental Ontario sales have increased by 25.1 percent in the last 2 years alone, suggesting a wider effort to participate in green transportation. New green trucks are typically smaller and more flexible, with better gas mileage, creating a unique product to target people seeking to own a refrigerated truck, or looking into trailer rental Ontario.

Whether you are looking to purchase, or looking to participate in trailer rental ontario for your business, there are several green, affordable options to work with.

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