3 Surprising Things Your Cancer Insurance Policy May Cover

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Being diagnosed with cancer is something that almost everyone fears. When you have a family, these worries go beyond a mere diagnosis: you may wonder how you will afford medical care and take care of your family at the same time. Although regular health insurance policies cover a wide scope of services and treatments, they don’t address the financial burden your family may have to bear. Cancer insurance policies work by managing health care expenses while providing necessary coverage for non-medical services or expenses your family may need or acquire. Here are three types of expenses you may be surprised to learn that these specific insurance policies can cover.

  1. Travel and lodging
    Many times, cancer patients will have to travel to other locations in order to receive the best treatment available. Travel and lodgings can quickly add up, which can be problematic for many families. Cancer patients should not have to compromise on their treatment options because of travel or hotel costs, which is why these are often covered by cancer care policies.
  2. Childcare
    During treatment, it’s sometimes impossible for moms and dads to take care of themselves, much less their children. For single-parent or working families, childcare is an absolute necessity. Even if both parents are at home during treatment, they may need extra help with the kids. Luckily, childcare services are often covered by these types of insurance policies.
  3. Household help
    Treatment for cancer can be painful and physically draining, so many people find they need an extra hand keeping up with daily life. Some patients may not want to admit to themselves or others that they need help, but it’s often necessary for many people. Whether patients need in-home staff to assist with care or need someone to help to keep their home clean, these services are often covered by cancer insurance policies.

Dealing with cancer is difficult enough without considering the financial hardship it can place on you or your family. In addition to medical treatments, hospital stays, surgeries, and medicine, cancer insurance policies can help cover the cost and alleviate the financial stress of non-medical services like these. Contact a trusted insurance company in your area to find out your options for coverage.

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